Oh my gosh.


I started crying at 2:15 and then had to watch this a few times through because my tears made it hard to really see what was happening.

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This is for my friend, Pill.  It’s just something relevant right now.

This is for my friend, Pill.  It’s just something relevant right now.

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love expectations. 

I read something interesting today.  It was posted by someone I consider a close friend of mine and a sister in Christ through whom I have learned much.

She was writing about the dangers of chick flicks and made a really interesting analogy.  It was “chick flicks : love :: porn : sexual relations” in other words, saying chick flicks are like pornography for love.  And I agree.  Chick flicks create a false idea and sense of what a loving relationship between man and wife should be like.  Just as pornography ruins the purity and sanctity that should be sex, chick flicks ruin females’ expectations of love and loving one another.  Yes, while it’d be amazing to experience a love like Noah and Allies from the Notebook, or any relationship from those Nicholas Spark (and Nicholas Spark-esque) movies, those relationships can’t exist.  I think that that is largely because those are relationships in which each party worships the other above all else.  You see the defiance and dishonoring of parents in order to be with their other, fornication, and almost no relationship to the Lord in those relationships.  Personally, the only one chick-flick I’ll support is A Walk to Remember, and I don’t give it complete support.  I’ve never read the book or even seen the movie in one entire sitting, but I do know (at least this is what I know) that she is a devout Christian, she leads him to Christ, and he shows Christ-like devotion to her.  He respects her, her wishes, and her father in the end, and keeps his vow to love her even after she is gone. 

I digress.. but my friend, Lauren, words it so nicely.  Here is the original post.

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Everyone needs to see this.  Worth more than the eight minutes of your time.  I’m literally bawling. 

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I would be so incredibly blessed if God gave me a man that truly loved the Lord.  A man who would be so much more infatuated and in love with the Lord than with me and want me to grow spiritually under his guidance.  I don’t care if we’re poor, or if he is attractive, or if either one of us has some health issue.. I would just be so amazingly grateful to end up with a man who wants to see me grow spiritually and loves the Lord.  That would just be wonderful.  It’s also really unfathomable, but completely wonderful.

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